Charter for Choice

These are our Champions of Choice. They are people who have campaigned for or dedicated much of their working lives to supporting women’s reproductive choice. We celebrate their commitment and believe they are an inspiration to us all.

Lisa Hallgarten

lisa hallgerten

Lisa is a leading campaigner for women’s reproductive rights and her role as Chair of Voice for Choice means that she works tirelessly to ensure that women have choice on abortion. Lisa has fought hard over the years to protect and extend abortion rights in the United Kingdom and over many years at Education for Choice she advocated for young peoples’ sexual and reproductive health and rights. Lisa’s lasting commitment to women’s reproductive autonomy makes her a vital Champion of Choice.

Sarah Norcross


Sarah is co-chair of the campaigning organisation Fertility Fairness where she campaigns for people to have comprehensive and equal access to a full range of appropriate NHS investigations and treatments for infertility; this includes the right to access up to three full cycles of IVF treatment free on the NHS. In her role as Director of  the Progress Educational Trust, Sarah chaired and drove a group of clinicians, patient support groups, scientists and medical research charities which fed into important policy for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology ACT 2008 as it passed through both Houses of Parliament.  Sarah’s instrumental work at Fertility Fairness and policy work at the Progress Educational Trust make her an invaluable Champion of Choice for equitable access to fertility treatment.

John Reynolds Wright


Dr Reynolds-Wright is an Academic Foundation Trainee with a programme focus on genitourinary medicine and HIV. Throughout his medical training he has been passionate about sexual health and abortion care and embedding these within training programmes. He has worked with Sexpression:UK to educate the next generation of medical professionals, and is a strong advocate for women’s right to abortion – and for the need for doctors to be trained and willing to provide that care.

Clare Daly TD

clare daly td

We nominate Clare Daly TD as a Champion of Choice for her brave and important campaign to bring abortion rights on to the political agenda in Ireland. She has spoken out at the Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment calling for urgent action, as well at the March for Choice. In a country where politicians fighting for women’s reproductive rights are a rarity, Clare’s commitment and passion in the battle for reproductive choice make her an invaluable Champion of Choice.

Maternity Action


They are a vital charity committed to ending inequality and improving the health and well-being of pregnant women, partners and young children. They work tirelessly to provide information, advice and training on maternity rights. Their extremely important #Motherswork campaign – calling on the Government to take action on pregnancy discrimination – makes them invaluable Champions of Choice.

Lord Rooker


We nominate Lord Rooker as our champion of choice this month for his continued fight for the fortification of flour with folic acid, or as he refers to it: “flour power”. His Private Member’s Bill, calling for fortification of flour to reduce neural tube defects, has successfully passed onto committee stage. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for his commitment to sparing women the painful decision of having to end a wanted pregnancy after a diagnosis of neural tube defect.

Naomi Phillips


Naomi Phillips of the British Humanist Association as our Champion of Choice for her continued commitment to women’s reproductive choice.  At our recent We Trust Women event Naomi highlighted the need  to put women at the front and centre of decision-making. Naomi’s belief that we need to stop criminalising women for what should be a fundamental right, and her dedication to campaigning to make that a reality, makes her a much appreciated champion of choice.

Fawcett Society


We nominate the brilliant Fawcett Society for their continued campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights as this month’s Champion of Choice. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at their Face her Future campaign, aimed at extending and defending women’s rights as we leave the European Union.

Keir Starmer MP


We nominate Keir Starmer MP as a champion for choice for his dedication to women accessing legal healthcare free from intimidation an harassment. In Dispatches he acknowledged how anti abortion extremists behaviour is intended and a gross invasion of privacy, calling for buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Alliance for Choice


Alliance for Choice are a member-based organisation that campaigns tirelessly for the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland and abortion rights in Northern Ireland. Following the recent High Court ruling Alliance for Choice started a very important campaign #trustwomen. They are calling on the public to contact their MLA and ask them for legal change, to trust women and push for a free vote on any progressive changes. Alliance for Choice’s continued commitment to reproductive rights for women in Northern Ireland undoubtedly makes them a Champion of Choice