Charter for Choice

Nick Clegg

nicki clegg

@nick_clegg nominated by @pollenamusic 

I nominate Nick Clegg as a Champion of Choice because of the passionate attack he made on LBC last year against those who oppose making access to the morning-after pill easier for young women. He brilliantly highlighted that the assumption easier access to EC would lead to promiscuous behavior was an ‘ an absolute insult to women’ and described this type of attitude as an ‘medieval  approach to women’. Nick’s got our back.


John Reynolds Wright


Dr Reynolds-Wright is an Academic Foundation Trainee with a programme focus on genitourinary medicine and HIV. Throughout his medical training he has been passionate about sexual health and abortion care and embedding these within training programmes. He has worked with Sexpression:UK to educate the next generation of medical professionals, and is a strong advocate for women’s right to abortion – and for the need for doctors to be trained and willing to provide that care.

Heather Low

Heather Low pic

Heather Low nominated by @FPACharity

FPA nominate Heather Low for her incredibly hard work and her commitment to supporting women in Northern Ireland. She has worked at sexual health charity FPA for 13 years, initially as a sessional counsellor and as counselling services co-ordinator for the last eight years. She is based in Belfast. Within her role at FPA’s unplanned pregnancy counselling service, Heather offers women in Northern Ireland a safe place to explore their feelings as well as support to make a decision about their pregnancy, and post-abortion counselling if needed. As the prejudicial political situation in Northern Ireland, unique from the rest of the UK, denies a woman’s right to choose, it is vitally important that they have this space.